What began as a client-provider relationship in 1997 led to Karen & Karen in 2010.

Karen Roberts-Fong (aka Karen RF) was a managing editor at a communications agency, who eventually ventured out on her own as an independent writer. Karen Ralls-Tan (aka Karen RT) took the traditional route, staying in the civil service for seven years, working in public education roles. A common project brought both Karens together, and a friendship was forged.

When Karen RT left full-time work in 2004 to pursue her passion in writing, Karen RF was the first person she reconnected with. Working on more and more projects together, they discovered complementary strengths and a natural synergy between them.

Karen RT’s Science background had honed her process-orientated thinking and ability to structure massive amounts of materials. Karen RF’s Marketing Communications training and Public Relations experience help corporate clients engage and connect with their audiences effectively. Yet, their creative streak inspires them to present information in visually-intelligible formats.

And so, in 2010, Karen & Karen was formed.


Ideas come when you’re having fun. And so, the Karen & Karen logo was borne over lunch on a humble napkin.

Two Ks. A serious K to communicate our ability to manage corporate projects. A fun K to convey our flair for handling lifestyle campaigns. They stand back-to-back to symbolise the complementary training and strengths of both founders. This synergy is why Karen & Karen is able to cover an entire spectrum of projects.

Together, the two Ks form the Chinese character for water – 水 (Pronounced shuǐ). Water is refreshing, fluid and clear. It can exist in three states – solid, liquid and gas. These properties embody the very qualities of Karen & Karen. We approach projects from fresh perspectives. For us, ideas flow with ease. And we communicate ideas and content with clarity. We are also versatile, adapting to the unique requirements of different clients.

But water is blue. So why are we orange? Well, we are passionate about what we do. That makes us happy. And orange projects happy.

Karen Roberts-Fong

Editorial Strategist

Karen RF helps clients crystallise the essence of their message. With more than 20 years of experience in print, advertising, publishing and public relations, she has an eye for designing the ideal editorial strategy to suit a project’s objectives and budget.

Karen RF is the former managing editor of a Singapore conglomerate of design companies. She has handled projects ranging from annual reports and newsletters to magazines and industry market reports across manufacturing, IT, healthcare, environment and lifestyle industries. She is also the former editor of the Human Capital magazine.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Journalism and Public Relations from Oklahoma State University, and a master’s degree in Mass Communications. Karen RF is certified for Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), and teaches English enrichment classes to Primary and Secondary school students. Karen RF is also an Oral English Language Assessor, Media and Financial Literacy Trainer.

Karen Ralls-Tan

Content Architect

Karen RT helps clients to create structure out of a complex mix of information. Her systemic science background enables her to naturally organise messages with logical sequencing. She makes sure readers connect instantly with the message and walk through it with ease.

A visual person with knowledge of communication psychology, she brings along rich and in-depth experience as a writer, an editor and a projects manager. During her tenure in the Prime Minister’s Office and the then Ministry of Community Development, & Sports, Karen RT was involved in national campaigns. Since 2004, she has taken on local and overseas projects. Her writing and editing experience spans interior design, tourism (hotels and travel), food and beverage, family life education, science, medicine, engineering, information technology and education industries.

Karen RT holds a Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore, and a Masters in Business Administration from Henley Management College, UK. She is also an editor of the Mastering Heuristics Series, and serves on several committees as communications advisor and editor.