We are in this business because we love the craft of writing. But pain often shadows love. When we see marketing collaterals that miss the mark — a missing link or a weak cliché — it pains us. We take care to avoid such pains in our work.

We rejoice each time we bring our clients from their initial anxieties with a new project to a place where everything — strategy, editorial direction, content, design and the final product — falls into the right place.


Everything we do is based on integrity. We deliver as we promise. No surprises! And we do what’s right for our clients. If we feel we can do something beyond our clients’ expectations, we go the extra mile.


Our clients often task us to create or enhance their identity. But in a crowded marketing communications industry, who are we? What’s unique about us?

Visual writing
It is no secret that when readers look at a brochure or a website, words on the page speak to them while images shape their thoughts. Our signature writing style — visual writing — ensures the text is crafted to the medium, for strong and lasting impressions.

Natural organisers
Give us a huge, convoluted mass of ideas and information, and we will turn it into logical structures and patterns. We see simplicity in complexity, naturally.

Depth & breadth
Over the last 20 years, we have worked on projects with clients ranging from government agencies to private enterprises.Our experience spans various genres and industries. What do you think about sickwhileaway.co.uk website? Give us feedback!

Loving what we do, we pour ourselves into every project.

Every challenge is an adventure to create solutions through
innovative thinking.

The difference we make with our words is the reason
we get to work every morning.